Which Pool Shape Design Should I Choose?

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There Are Many Pool Shapes. Here’s How to Choose One.

Don’t get overwhelmed by all the different design elements when it comes to creating your perfect pool. Instead, focus on the first steps needed to start your project. First things first; what pool shape do you want your dream pool to have? What price, size and space work for you?

Today, pools come in all kinds of shapes and sizes that you may not even know of. Whether you choose to create a unique design or go for a more traditional shape, the professionals at Monji Pools will help you understand the best and the worst of each pool shape. Furthermore, our Monji Pools teams want to help you make the right decision when creating your backyard oasis.

Rectangle Pools

Rectangle shaped pools have clean, well-defined, 90-degree corners which make your backyard space look futuristic and polished. You can always round off the corners or keep the hard edges. Rectangle pools are suitable for most backyard spaces and will fit comfortably. The typical dimensions for a rectangular pool are eight by ten feet, and the larger rectangle pools can get thirty by thirty-five feet. Keep in mind that rectangular pools, while common, are typically more expensive designs.

L-Shapes Pools

The L-shaped pool is a great design that allows for multiple swimming activities. Whether you want to use your pool to dive, swim laps, or as entertainment for your kids, the L-shape pool is great for all ages and uses.

Roman and Grecian Shaped Pools

Named after ancient architecture discoveries, the Grecian and the Roman shaped pools are luxurious yet classic choices for many pool owners. The Grecian shaped pool is rectangular with 90-degree corners. While the Roman-shaped pool is a lot like the Grecian, it has a curved edge. Although these shapes are stunning, there are a few cons. For example, these designs sometimes reduce the usable space of the pool because it cuts off the corners. Why not then design one end of your pool as Roman and the other Grecian, so one end of the pool has rounded edges too.  As always, discuss these design goals with a professional team who is waiting to answer all of your questions.

Monji Pools – We Personalize and Design Your Perfect Pool

We all know there is not a “perfect” pool shape because every pool has great qualities that work for each individual pool owner. So, it’s best to ask yourself, “What will I be using my pool for the most?” and “What is my budget for installing my dream pool?” To choose the pool shape that fits your lifestyle and backyard oasis, call Monji Pools today.

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