What Rainwater Does to Your Pool

By udm - March 8th, 2018 in blog


Rainwater, as necessary as it is for nature to bloom, has acidic properties that can negatively affect your swimming pool water chemistry balance. Furthermore, these properties can affect anything from the pH balance to alkalinity levels and much more. Although Bakersfield, CA doesn’t experience a ton of rain, it’s good to be prepared for when we do.

Rainwater Chemistry

Along with rainwater getting into your pool, other bad issues can happen as well. When rainwater slides off your landscape, deck, or other features, water puddles and other messes develop. When excess rainwater enters your pool, it can alter your water’s pH, calcium hardness, total dissolved solids (TDS), alkalinity and it can even bring dangerous contaminants like hazardous debris and dirt into your pool.

What Needs to be Done?

Test your pool water frequently after you experience bouts of rain. Also, drain all excess water that accumulates in your backyard and near your pool. Be careful when draining excess water. Do not drain it below the skimmer because you might run the pump dry and create more issues than you started out with.

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