Swimming Pool Landscaping on a Budget

By udm - May 20th, 2018 in Uncategorized

Upkeep Your Pool’s Landscaping

1. Choose Big-Bloom Plants

Utilizing plants with bright, big blooms fill up space and draw the eye in dramatically.

2. Use Evergreen Seedlings

Seedlings take longer to grow. However, seedlings are incredibly affordable.

3. Add Lighting

Strategically-placed lighting can make the most basic yard look high-end and expensive. Best of all, lights have gotten more affordable throughout the years, due to the rise of LED lighting.

Swimming Pool Design & Construction

High-quality pool design is about so much more than just your pool. Instead of simply building a pool in your yard, we focus on creating a truly remarkable environment that elevates your pool to a higher level of design. We merge together the surrounding landscape, water features, lighting, and more to create a resort-like experience right outside your back door.

Monji Landscapes will create an environment around your Monji swimming pool design that is perfect for both entertaining & relaxing. The landscape design is a crucial element to the overall look & value of a swimming pool. Also, it is best to plan for future additions to the pool space. An outdoor kitchen or custom fire pit are perfect additions to consider during the design process so that the entire space feels connected & flows properly. That is why countless clients over the decades have trusted our team of professionals with creating their perfect swimming pool & outdoor environment.

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