Pool Ideas: Dive-In Movie

By udm - August 6th, 2018 in Pools

Throwing a Dive-In Movie Bash At Your Pool

The Bakersfield heat has officially arrived! What better way to cool down than with a splash in your pool? Of course, some of us like a little entertainment with our pool day. Imagine gathering your loved ones around the swimming pool and watching some of your favorite TV shows and movies? Introducing the Dive-In, a movie and swim combo experience you’ll wish you would have discovered sooner. At Monji Pools, our custom design approach extends into the way we have fun too. Here is how to throw the perfect, Dive-In Movie experience.

Here’s What You’ll Need To Throw An Epic Dive-In Movie Bash:

  • DVD player or Laptop
  • Projector and projector screen or large wall that works as a backdrop
  • Table or platform to rest it on
  • Speakers
  • Floaties or Aquatically-themed chairs for you and your guests

How to Set Up:

Bases Covered

Make sure you have a flat surface you can rest your projector on. Typically, a large, stucco wall with neutral colors will work just fine if you do not have a projector screen. You can also hang a sheet and project your film or TV show there.


Make sure your projector is a quality one. You can usually find a good one for under $100. If you are purchasing a projector for the first time, make sure you have the right cables to link with your DVD player or laptop. (HDMI, RCA, or VGA.)

Speakers and Decor

Laptop speakers aren’t nearly loud enough; therefore, try to attach external speakers that you think can readily provide quality sound for your space. Try portable speakers that you can use for your dive-in movie or take to the beach. Complete your dive-in movie experience with an aquatic theme decor and items like floaties, themed refreshments, and snacks.

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