Our creative process begins with our very first meeting at your property. When we meet with you, we’ll see the space & ask lots of questions. We want to know how you see yourself using the pool now & in the future. What features are most important to you? We want to understand your unique style preferences. Do you prefer more free-form, relaxed lines to your pool? Or, do you prefer very contemporary, linear shapes? Understanding what is important to you helps us provide suggestions for the type of pool & surrounding environment that will best fit your lifestyle.



Once we have a rough idea of what your dream pool & environment will look like, we will begin shaping our final concept. Our designers will bring your ideas to life, both on 2D construction plans & in 3D models to help you visualize your new pool. This allows us to make dramatic changes & to experiment with different concepts before we begin undertaking the actual construction. Most importantly, this process allows our client scale their project according to their own budget. We are able to look at phases that should be constructed with the pool & items that can wait for future projects.



Once our plans & models are exactly what you want, we are ready to begin the build! You will meet our team of contractors & construction professionals that will work tirelessly to ensure your dream pool comes to life seamlessly. Our friendly office staff will communicate with you to ensure that at each step of construction you are well-informed of the status of your project. Throughout this process, we understand that we are guests on your property & as such, we will maintain a worksite that is courteous, clean & professional. Once completed, we are confident that your finished pool & spa will exceed your wildest expectations.