How to Select a Pet-Friendly Pool

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Pet-Friendly Pool Types

Many, if not all, pet owners buy pools with their furry friends in mind. Therefore, which kinds of pools are best for our animal friends? We narrowed it down and provided you with some tips so you can keep your pets comfortable in your pool oasis.

Fiberglass Pools

These types of pool designs are awesome for pets for a number of reasons. Dog and cat claws won’t tear or obstruct the strong gel coat. Furthermore, this type of pool does not harm your pet’s joints either.

Shallow Areas

Pets LOVE shallow pool areas because they feel more in control while they swim. Also, they can hang out in the shallow areas and swim into the deeper parts if they want to. Unless you have a Great Dane or some other large pet, a typical shallow end is too deep for an animal to stand in comfortably and safely.

We recommend looking into pools with a tanning ledge or shelf because they are perfect for most dog breeds.

Easy Steps

Never force or throw Spot into the pool. To be pet-friendly and conscious, your swimming pool should have steps going into the pool water around the shallow end, tanning ledge area. Furthermore, the steps should be wide enough for your pet to walk along on. Tiny steps won’t be ideal for your Pitbull or German Shepherd. Call Monji Pools today!

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