How to Protect Your Pool During Winter

By udm - December 8th, 2017 in blog

It feels like summer flew by this year. But now the colder months are here, and even though we live in Bakersfield, it can become pretty chilly. We layer up, grab our favorite sweaters, but we forget all about our pools. How will they stay warm during the bitter cold nights? Here is how you can protect your pool during the winter.

Stay Balanced

Before closing up your pool, you need to make sure your pool is balanced chemically. What the heck does that mean? Well, that just means that the hardness from the calcium, the pH levels, and the alkaline needs to stay balanced. Without staying balanced, your pool may get a few stains, which can cost your hundreds of dollars to fix! Go to your local home improvement store or pool shop and buy a winterization chemical set. You’ll feel like a mad scientist and your pool will thank you for it by not rusting up.

Cover Up During Winter

When our pool water freezes, it tends to expand a little. The last thing you want is cold water damaging your plumbing system or damaging your patio. Introducing pool covers! A pool cover protects your pool like your favorite, warm blanket. They are designed with durability in mind, and can protect your swimming pool even during the harshest winters.

Your Pool’s Lifespan

No matter where your backyard rests, you need to protect your swimming pool so it stays functional and fresh all year long. Invest in your pool now, and with a little tip from the pros and a fraction of your time, you can prolong your pool’s life and keep splashing around come summer time.

The Monji Pools Difference

Understanding what is important to you helps us provide suggestions for the type of pool and surrounding environment that will best fit your lifestyle. Contact Us Today to get a FREE quote. We are always here to help you maintain the swimming pool of your dreams!

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