How to Cool Down Your Pool During Warm Months

By udm - April 8th, 2018 in Uncategorized

As the planet becomes warmer and warmer, Bakersfield, California has reliably endured scorching hot months. As these months approach us, many of us experience swimming pools that become too hot to enjoy. What can a responsible pool owner do to curb the heat? Let’s go over some effective ways to cool down your swimming pool.

1. Running Your Pool Filter at Night

One of the easiest ways to cool your pool is to run your pool filter at night because, during that time, the air is much cooler. As your filter runs during the night time, some water will evaporate, which makes your pool more inviting once the sun starts to set. Nevertheless, running your filter at night will not change your pool temperature dramatically either. Also, running your filter for more hours can become costly.

2. Pour Ice Into Your Pool

Filling your pool up with ice as a solution seems simplistic and even funny. But it can totally be done! If you can acquire large amounts of ice for a good price, then why not test it out? Just get ready to filter out any and all excess water that may rise once the ice melts into your already existing pool water.

3. Cut Down on Landscaping

If your pool has tons of plants and trees surrounding it, it may create inner heat, which is a great way to keep your pool warm. But air needs to move across your pool to keep it nice and cool. Remove any items that may block moving winds to come across your pool water surface.

4. Get a Water Fountain

Water that moves stays cooler than water that remains still. Installing a water fountain not only keeps things fresh and cool, but it’s a great way to embellish and beautify your backyard space. Also, a waterfall or pool slide does the trick as well! Be sure to check out our gallery for more pool cooling design options.

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