Heat Tolerant & Mosquito Repellant Pool Landscaping

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Weather Resistant & Mosquito Repellant Plants to Keep Around Your Pool

Monji Pools is always looking for ways to help our clients with not only their pool maintenance and design, but their pool landscaping. Our team will be happy to let you in on some plants that can weather the Bakersfield heat. Furthermore, we even listed some plants that add a pop of color and help repel mosquitoes. Check out our list below!

Heat Resistant Plants


Perhaps the most obvious choice of plants for scorching hot climates is the cactus. Furthermore, the cactus is built to handle tough desert conditions and lives well with very little water. Plus, they’re exploding in popular culture. 


Who doesn’t like a bright and sunny Sunflower? As the name suggests, sunflowers soak up the sun in ways that many plants don’t! Keep these lovely flowers around your pool and let the good times roll.


Did you know that some people in chillier countries grow Yucca plants as houseplants? Bakersfield residents, who face heat daily, should grow these plants outside around their pool. But make sure you have a good size patio space for these. Once yuccas grow in size, they expand and take up quite a bit of space!


Not only can Dahlias tackle the heat, they also come in beautiful, eye-catching colors. With lovely colors abounding, you can enliven your backyard space and accentuate your pool.

Aloe Vera

Most people are familiar with Aloe Vera gel purchased at a local drug store. People use aloe vera to treat sunburns and skin issues. When you grow aloe vera around your pool in your backyard, you have access to pure gel right at home. Simply break off a piece of aloe leaf and utilize the cool gel inside.


Mosquito Repellent Plants


Rosemary is a wonderful mosquito repellant because it is an herb with a woody scent that keeps mosquitoes at bay. Furthermore, their scent keeps cabbage moths and flies away. These plants live well in dry and hot climates and thrive in small to mid-size containers. While you keep annoying critters away, you can enjoy the soothing scent rosemary brings and use it to season your cooking.


Have you noticed how basically dozens of insects and even rabbits steer clear of the lavender plant? Because lavender comes with a noticeable fragrance, which is derived from its essential oils, it drives away pests. Many people even argue that lavender oil disables mosquito’s ability to smell their surroundings. If that’s not cool enough, these plants are also drought-resistant. And while lavender can handle many climates with ease, they do best in warmer areas like Bakersfield, in your backyard by your swimming pool.



Marigolds specifically give off an odor that keeps mosquitoes away. Grow them in your spare pots you don’t mind using and keep these plants near your home entrance or patio; moreover, marigolds will keep all sorts of bugs away. Do you love maintaining that beautiful vegetable garden near your swimming pool? Marigolds are also wonderful additions to those types of gardens. Also, marigolds tend to repel beetles, thrips, and whiteflies.

Monji Pools Cares About Your Backyard Landscaping

Monji Pools understands that a landscape design is much more than trees and sod. Each landscape design is as unique as the client who commissions it. Whether you want a beautiful garden, a magnificent pool, or a combination of both, we will make your dream a reality. We take a holistic approach to your custom pool and garden design, looking at every area of your property and how it can be utilized to bring our shared vision to life.

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