Choosing the Right Design and Shape for Your Pool

By udm - February 26th, 2019 in Pools

Choosing the Right Design and Shape for Your Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is a perfect addition to your backyard. It can also be a great way to de-stress and an ideal retreat from the summer heat. A pool adds aesthetic appeal to your yard and landscaping. While everyone loves to dive into the cold water, the fun is having a pool of your own.

Choosing the right type of pool for you is a difficult decision. With so many types of pools and a variety of shapes it is hard to know which option is suitable for your family.

We have put together some of the best pool design tips to help you understand the various design options available. From the classic rectangle pool to a free form pool, check out the most popular pool shapes below to help you decide the perfect shape for your pool.

Rectangle Shaped Pool

The classic rectangular shaped pool never goes out of style. If sleek lines and a modern contemporary look appeals to you, this is a great choice. The four-sided pool is straight and narrow which is ideal for large families and anyone who enjoys the burn from swimming laps. It is perhaps the most universal and timeless option.

Also referred to as lap pools, these are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to exercise in the privacy of their property. Its long and narrow shape allows you to adjust its length based on the parameters of your property and space available.  It is also the preferred choice for homeowners with small, close residential lots.

Oval Shaped Pool

Another functional family-oriented design is the oval-shaped pool. Their rounded edges lend them a softer look making it ideal for enjoying water sports equipped with pool slides for the family. The curved edges are so versatile and fluid that it looks great with any property’s architectural style.

Oval pool is great when you have fire pit ideas. That’s because while the oval pool will fit in your yard comfortably allowing you to install a fire pit. You can also extend the dimensions of the pool to any size you desire.  

Kidney Shaped Pool

With softly rounded corners, kidney pools are similar to the oval shape. Indented on one side, you can customize the pool to fit any size backyards. Their natural form means they allow ease of access. You can accessorize the pool with a customized waterfall, a relaxing spa, or even adding a touch of greenery with a complimentary landscape setting.

Figure of Eight Pool

The figure ‘8’ shaped pools are perfect for families with kids as it allows easy separation of the shallow and deep end of the pool. The children can safely play in the demarcated shallow end and have a clear idea of where the deep end begins. You can use the indentations on either side for outdoor seating, spa or greenery.

Free Form Pool

Birds eye view of swimming pool in back yard

It is a popular choice for those seeking customized pools that fit into any space you want. Assess your property, the area available, the surrounding landscape and the surrounding terrain. There are endless possibilities with this artistic pool. You can customize its free-flowing look with the surroundings in the yard.

Pool Design Tips for Any Shape of Pool You Desire

With so many options to choose from, we know that designing a swimming pool can be slightly overwhelming. And thus, it becomes essential to select the pool design and layout that works perfectly for the property owner. Although exciting, a lot of thought goes into planning a swimming pool.

When planning the design, shape, and layout of the swimming pool, one needs to consider many factors.

  •      What kind of budget is available?
  •      How many people will use the pool?
  •      What is the nature of the property?
  •      How much space is available?
  •      Are there any existing features or surrounding landscape where you want to install the pool?
  •      What is the personal preference and requirement of the property owners?

Big or small, there is an ideal pool design for you. We bring you the best pool design tips from industry experts to help you choose the right model and shape for your swimming pool.

1. Maximize the Available Space

Before you begin designing your pool, you must consider the space available for a pool. The area helps you decide what pool shapes and sizes will complement your space and property. If your pool is an addition to the property, you need to consider the landscape setting. On the other hand, if you design the pool before the landscape, you have a blank canvas and can develop your pool as you wish. Either way, it is vital to ensure the landscape and pool blend well together.

2. Work With a Budget

Choose a pool that fits your budget. A larger pool usually means more expenses. Also worth considering are the different pool features and their respective costs. Try to visualize what you want your pool to look like and use professional pool design tips to stretch every dollar to achieve that look.

3Consider Your Needs

Are you a competitive swimmer? Or do you want a pool for recreation with your family? If you have kids, then you should probably consider a shallow pool or one with different depths. The purpose of the pool and who uses it are essential to deciding the type of pool and the features you want to add.

4. Review Pool Designs

Here comes the fun part! Go over the various pool designs and different types of shapes you can choose. Consult experts in this area to get pool design tips and help you select the best pool supplies for your project.

5. Safety First

Make sure it is safe for your loved ones to swim in the pool. When kids are swimming, someone must be watching them. Install pool handrails, shallow pool, slides, fences, and even alarms to mitigate the potential hazards for accidents.

We hope these pool design tips help you choose the swimming pool that is perfect for your lifestyle. Decide the right pool design and shape by speaking to one of our professionals today.

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