5 Things You Wish You Knew BEFORE Building a Pool

By udm - June 8th, 2018 in Pools

1) Find Out If Your Land Is Pool Builder Ready

Pools are easier to build on a leveled area than one that is sloped. Sloped areas cost more because the construction phase changes. Grounds that have high water concentration, or are very rocky or sandy make construction more difficult, but not impossible. Bakersfield residents, who live in the great state of California, are more susceptible to earthquakes, mudslides, or other weather activities. Therefore, different engineering support may be required to conduct soil tests to assess your area’s suitability.

The size and location of your property will naturally determine the size and shape of your pool. Tiny urban sites have strict requirements regarding any type of construction close to boundaries, for instance, and shading from other buildings or neighboring trees will also limit where you can position a pool. However, a clever designer can often help find solutions to such issues.

2) Know If Pets Will Take Part In Your Pool 

Believe it or not, pets matter greatly when it comes to building your dream pool. Some soon-to-be pool owners want pools built with cool design features that may not necessarily accommodate their pets. For example, stairs that will allow your pet to enter the pool safely is a big step to consider. Other features like special safety equipment added to pool slides or fences are features to consider when owning a pet or thinking of owning a pet in the future that will have access to your dream pool.

3) Have Your Financials Ready 

Taking out a pool loan can be tricky for some. Take as much time as you need to get your financing in order before you start compiling pool quotes from various pool builders in your area. Here at Monji Pools, we sometimes have clients who hand deposits, proceed with our install phases, and then, unfortunately, find out that their financing is no longer available or didn’t work out as planned.

4) Know The Materials You Will Use 

It’s always best to do your research on the different types of pools and I can promise you that it will help you during your pool design and construction project. There are vinyl, fiberglass, and cement pools. Find out the benefits and disadvantages of each and always ask our team as many questions as you’d like.


5) Do You Want a Pool Built Above or Below the Ground?

You should ask yourself, “Do I want my pool to be in the ground or above it? Pool soil excavation and removal can become expensive with in-ground pools, but they look more permanent than above ground pools. If you’re not sure which pool type is ideal for your site, personality, and budget, talk to a Monji Pools representative to get all of your key information and questions answered.

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