4 Pool Myths To Bust

By udm - October 1st, 2018 in Uncategorized


Wait 1 Hour After Eating To Swim or You’ll Get Cramps. Fact or Myth? Myth! (Sorta)

Did everyone’s mom in America tell us this one? I’m sure yours did. How much restraint did we have to have to stop ourselves from diving in headfirst or cannonballing over the tallest ledge? A lot! However, the truth us, during digestion, more blood actually goes to your abdominal area to assist with the process, which leaves less blood in your other muscles. So, if you overwork your muscles while you swim or exert yourself too much, you may induce a cramp. However, it is rare. To avoid any potential cramps, eat a smaller meal and ease yourself into the pool.

Chlorine Turns Blonde Hair Green. Myth! Myth! Myth!

 Once again, chlorine is not the culprit for your green hair; it’s actually copper! A few common algaecides are copper-based. Then the oxidized metal remains in your pool water which attaches to the protein in your hair. With a little shampoo, the color easily comes out. Also, you can condition your hair before swimming and that should protect it from that pesky copper!

If You Open Your Eyes Under Water, They Will Burn. False! Fiction! Myth! 

Chlorine just gets a bad rep all the time. Chlorine doesn’t burn your eyes at all. However, when water has an unbalanced pH level, it can burn a little. Always mind your pool’s water chemistry and avoid any costly damages or eye irritation!

There Must Be Too Much Chlorine Because I Can Smell It. Is It Fact or Myth? It’s a Myth! 

The complete opposite is true when it comes to this popular assumption. When you shock your swimming pool, chloramines change into oxygen and release into the air until you can smell the chlorine more prominently. Therefore, when you smell chlorine in the air, that’s means it’s not in your pool and you actually need to add more chlorine not only to clean your pool but to lessen the smell over time.

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